Small Pieces

In this series of articles, we are taking a look at some ways in which you can combine the principles of do it yourself with the hobby of woodworking. We have talked about some home improvement ideas that can keep a woodworker of any skill level busy, as well as some of the principles behind building your own furniture.

Not all woodworking tasks have to be huge, however, even if they still fall under the do it yourself category. There are plenty of small woodworking projects that can contribute usefully around the house, which will allow you to put your creative genius to work, and which will save you a trip to the department store. And maybe if you have a partner that has taken a faux finish course it could even be a great way to do a project together. Let's take a look at some ideas.

Storage: Every house needs a lot of storage. Just take a look around; odds are you have some need for storage in every single room, from the bathroom to the laundry room. Storage pieces make for great, quick woodworking projects. You can finish off a set of shelves in a couple of hours, finish and all, and have them set up to surprise your spouse when he or she wakes up in the morning. Shelves aren't the only storage option either; you can create your own jewellery boxes, wine racks, cabinets, tie racks, and the list goes on.

Decoration: As with storage pieces, decorative pieces are great for the novice woodworker in particular. Instead of buying something made by foreign workers Canada residents can make their own knickknacks. Experts will probably build a birdhouse now and then, but these are fairly simple projects that don't tend to take up a lot of time as far as the experienced woodworker is concerned (all right, we know that some of you have probably built bird houses on the scale of the CN tower, but really those don't count as birdhouses). Other decorative touches that you might consider for the home and garden are clocks, birdfeeders, and so on. You can usually see some smaller decorative pieces in places like Burlington wedding reception locations where the owners are trying to give their space something extra.

Entertainment housing: Cabinets and frames always add a bit of an elegant touch to typical home entertainment equipment. When you build your own entertainment cabinet, pool cue rack, or dart board cabinet, you and everyone else will frequently see your skill on display. An an estate agent Canada might tell you that a really well made piece might even add some value to your home.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020