What Tools Will You Need - Cutters, Sanders, Fasteners and More!

Whenever someone considers taking up a hobby such as woodworking, there is concern that they will have to invest a significant amount of money in tools. However, you will probably be surprised at how few tools you need in order to get a great many different woodworking projects done. Let's take a look at the tools most important to the craft.

Power tools

Don't be worried; most of these power tools aren't nearly as expensive as you might think. You don't necessarily need professional quality tools, like a sheet metal bender, to get the job done.

Drill: You have a choice between the cordless power drill and those with cords. Cordless, of course, have the advantage of convenience, but they lose when it comes to available power. They also require frequent battery changes and that can be a real pain. If you have a good shop, then there really is no reason not to opt for a good 3/8 inch corded drill.

Orbital Sander: You are going to be doing some serious sanding on every project, and a random orbital sander will take a lot of time out of the more detailed parts of the project. Plus, you can make things as smooth as if they were covered with heat shrink tubing! Which is safer and more visually appealing.

Table saw: Woohoo! The defining feature of the woodworker. You will need to purchase one with the features and the flexibility to suit your needs, and of course one that fits into your budget.

Compound Miter Saw: To make cutting those angles at the ends easier, a miter saw is invaluable.

Circular Saw: Probably the first tool to use when it comes to woodworking. Once you get this one mastered, everything else follows.

Hand Tools

Purists might only use hand tools when it comes to their woodworking hobby. After all, it is a hobby, and there is something to be said for manual labour only. You could even go as far as to make custom designed real estate web browsers can admire from halfway around the world. The rest of us though will most likely combine hand and power tools. Here are some of the hand tools a woodworker must have available:

Tape measure

Hammer (with a claw!)

Square: Never underestimate the importance of your square! Any home improvement woodworking project you undertake, from a shelf to sling ropes for the tree house will need to be squared up, and this tool is absolutely essential in getting the corners right.



Utility Knife




You will need these tools for any of the areas we covered in this series. For the most part, the whole set here including the power tools may cost less than $1000. Smart shopping (looking for second hand woodworking tools and sales, for example) can shave even more off of the price. And if you're looking into making this a business, maybe you can get some help with the cost with something like an R & D tax credit Canada offers.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020