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Are you a parent who's looking for a way to spend some more quality time with your kids? Are you a teenager looking for ways to improve your jump shot without having to go through the embarrassment of practising at the local public hoops court? Then you might enjoy reading this section of our website that deals with backyard sports. Whether you're shooting hoops on your home-built backyard court or are just throwing the pigskin around with your buddies, backyard sports can be just as fun as watching your favourite team on TV. And backyard sports also gets you to be active instead of sitting in front of that television for hours on end.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that some of the more common sports that can be found in any courtyard or backyard include basketball, touch football, and badminton. Almost every kid on the block growing up had a basketball hoop and net set up in their backyard or driveway. Playing a game of 21 or H-O-R-S-E is a great way to spend some hot summer days, and makes a great excuse to relax and drink some ice-cold lemonade at half-time. If you're a football fan, nothing can be better than throwing the football around with your friends or family members. You can pretend that you're throwing a pass like Joe Montana or catching one like Jerry Rice. And if you're more adventurous and have the room, go ahead and play some 3-on-3 touch football to give you an even greater rush. These are just a couple examples of some great backyard sports.

Depending on the size of your backyard and the lengths of your imagination, you could come up with creative ways to play other backyard sports that might not be conventional but still a lot of fun. One such idea is turning your backyard into an obstacle filled mini-golf course. You can use such things as jungle gyms, potted plants and lawn ornaments to create obstacles that players need to overcome in making their shots. A few plastic cups set on the ground (and weighed down against the breeze) can work pretty well as holes, and give you more flexibility to change the course around. All you need to buy is some clubs and golf balls at the local used sporting goods shop, and you and your kids have your own personal mini-putt course. Who knows? If the idea takes off and all the neighbourhood kids come over to tackle the course themselves, you could start your own business and start making some online flyer printing ads that you can distribute to the community.

Canadians love their hockey, and almost every Canadian kid growing up would find any opportunity to set up some nets and get friends gathered for a game of street hockey. Playing street hockey was and still is a way of life. And if you want your son to be the next Sidney Crosby or your daughter to be the next Cassie Campbell, don't let a little thing such as the fact you don't have a rink in your backyard discourage you. Look at the Staal family for some inspiration, as they went to the trouble of building their very own NHL regulation sized rink on their property so their kids can practice their hockey skills at a moment's notice. You might one day have the privilege of watching your kids grow up to win the Stanley Cup, just like Eric Staal did after he helped his Carolina Hurricanes.

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Having a home healthcare kit nearby at all times is probably a good idea. Even simple games with good intentions can take a wrong turn if the competition gets too fierce or someone just isn't on their top game one day. Antiseptic and bandages should cover the majority of treatable-at-home injuries, so keep a fresh stock of these somewhere easily accessible when you hit the courts. Besides that, your key concerns for backyard sports should be staying fit and, more importantly, having fun. Whatever your sport, whatever the size of your backyard and wherever you live, backyard sports are a great way to be active and provide many bonding moments between parents and children.

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