Home Decorating

One of the hottest hobby trends sweeping the nation is home decorating. You may think this is an expensive hobby (who can afford a new home or a whole new set of furniture every time you finish a project?) but there are ways to go about it cheaply or even profitably. Let us show you our favorite ways to make an enjoyable hobby out of home decorating without breaking the bank.

Inexpensive Home Paradigms

Buying new furniture, decorations, and wall coverings is an expensive way to change the look of your home, so accomplish the same ends by rearranging or slip covering your existing furniture, buying only a few inexpensive decorations, and letting a new paint job do most of the work. If doing a full redecoration, give yourself one room to work on at a time to avoid paying out too much at once.

Decorating as a Public Service

There's no rule that the home you exercise your decorating hobby on has to be your own. You can get the same feeling of accomplishment from volunteering to redecorate the home of a friend or a community building with no budget to hire a professional. The houses built as part of charity projects might also need a volunteer decorator's touch. If worse comes to worst, you an always join a church or school group to help decorate for special events.

Small Scale Decorating

If you've got good fine motor skills and not a lot of room to work with, you might consider decorating doll houses for your hobby. The tiny model Toronto townhouses that result from your labor would sell well at craft fairs and brighten up the children's wing at any hospital, even if the house itself is store bought. For dollhouses with a really home made touch, pair up with someone who has a woodworking hobby and can make the houses from scratch.

Virtual Decorating

The internet has made almost everything easier and less expensive - including having a decorating hobby. With online and console based programs that allow you to change the wall color, flooring, decorative items, and furniture, there's no need to shell out to buy new items for your actual flat. Those with a flair for drawing can go the old fashioned route and sketch out their designs on paper. This is an excellent way to build a portfolio if you're considering turning your hobby into a profession.

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