Having a hobby or being a collector of things, whether they're toys, clothes, coins, stamps, dolls, sports cards, or miniature antique replications of Victorian snow globes, is a great thing. People start a hobby or start collecting for many different reasons. Some do it because it reminds them of a part of their childhood that was really enjoyable. Others collect because they're such a fan of a certain item that they want to own as many of them as they possibly can. A lot of people become collectors because they can see the potential long term monetary values in some items such as cards or sports cards so they litter a room in their home full of them.

Those are all valid reasons to start hobbying or collecting. The thrill of finding something that you don't have in your collection is a rush you can't get anywhere else. There's just something about being a collector and stumbling upon a great treasure. You never know what you might come across, when you'll come across it or where you'll come across it. You might be at a yard sale near the shop where you live and find a rare coin you've been searching for it. Things like that happen all the time to collectors.

The one thing you want to avoid when becoming a collector is becoming a hoarder. It's one thing to a have a room or storage unit dedicated to all your collectibles. It's another thing to have an entire home full of so many dolls or toys or sports card that you barely have room to walk around. Hoarding isn't something you set out do but is something that gradually starts to build over time which is why you need to be careful when collecting anything from shoes to fish tanks to fire sleeves. What one day might seem like an innocent little hobby could one eventually lead to a serious problem.

When to get help with hoarding?

Know what it is exactly you want to collect and try to avoid taking home with you every single little item you lay your eyes on. Ask yourself whether you really need or want something you see. Hoarding tends to sneak up on people so if you start to notice your home becoming full of prized possessions try to curb your collecting or get rid of some items you have. You can even take a whole bunch of little valuable collectibles you've accumulated and trade them to another collector for a really big item. Collecting and trading go hand in hand. Not only will you de-clutter your home a bit but also gain an elusive item you've been chasing after.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024