In this time where most of the pictures that we take and memories that we capture are going straight into a computer folder it is becoming more rare to save those moments in time in any physical form. But it can be very rewarding to take the time to put the stories and pictures of your life and that of the people around you into an album. Scrapbooking allows you to record everything from the first steps to time spent as a grandparent and is a great hobby for anyone interested in their own family history.

When some people think about the task of making a full scrapbook it can seem very daunting and like a lot of work. Most people lead busy lives doing everything from managing their bank account to raising their children and can't imagine going through and organizing all of the photos in boxes and on the desktop. But this is a hobby that's meant to be taken one step at a time. If you're able to put aside a couple of hours a week to do a couple of pages in your book at the end of the year you would have more than a hundred done. This is really something that can be done only when you're interested in doing it.

Another element of scrapbooking is the supplies that are involved. You will of course need to get an album to use as your base and there are all sorts of extras out there to help you create your pages. If you're putting together a small book to represent what happens at an you might want to put in all of the colored paper and decorations. But with a personal book you can be as creative as you want to be with the design.

The only things you really need are an album with photo-safe paper, some sort of adhesive, and a pen or marker to comment on the things that are in it. And you don't just need to include pictures in the book. If you're putting in a page from when you moved into your first home you might still have a paint swatch from the color of the bedroom or something else that reminds you of that home. Include whatever you want in your scrapbook pages.

For those that want to go all out with their design there are stickers, decorative rulers, die cuts, punches, and nicer writing tools to help you go crazy. But try not to go too overboard with all of these elements. If on one page you're showing your child's room you might want to just put in some extra colors and a couple of stickers. Keep it neat and simple.

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