Painting and Wall Papering

For many people, doing home improvement projects can be a great way of enjoying your home and relieving some stress. It is becoming more common for people to choose this as a hobby and some even turn it into a side career by flipping homes. If you're remodeling an entire home or just want a new look for a room in your condo than you are going to need to make the decision of what to do with the walls. A new coat of paint or wallpaper can really make a space look modern and inviting or could throw off your entire decor. Here are some tips for painting and wallpapering at home. Sponsorship provided by:

When you're choosing between painting and wallpapering, it's important to think about the aesthetic that you want for the space. Wallpaper will offer you more choices in terms of patterns and textures but if difficult to clean and can fade with exposure to the sun. If you want a more classic feel for that townhouse, paint gives you the opportunity to be bold with colour or choose something subtler. But it is quite difficult and time-consuming to add detail to the wall design.

If there is currently wallpaper on the walls and you want to switch the design to paint than you need to decide whether to strip the wallpaper or just paint over it. Removing the existing wallpaper and starting from scratch is of course going to give you the best final result. If you don't properly prime the area you will see the seams from the wallpaper and it will eventually start to peel. If you're living in a place like this will not be the way to keep your home looking current with the units around you.

But, sometimes you don't have the choice of painting over wallpaper. If the paper was not originally installed correctly than it may damage the walls to remove it. If this is the case in your home, you need to start by applying a thin coat of wallpaper compound over the whole wall to smooth everything out and remove the wallpaper's texture. You will also want to work with oil-based paints, as latex can actually help to loosen the paper and can cause bubbles. You don't want something like that ruining a beautiful room in luxury home.

Whatever your decision in regards to the walls in your home, make sure that the design that you choose is something that speaks to your taste and will improve the entire look of the space. If you're decorating in a home you plan to sell, it's probably better to stick with a neutral paint colour to attract the most buyers to that new home.

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