It is quite possible that planet wide, there is no more popular hobby category than that of sports. There has always been a bit of controversy surrounding the spirit of sport; a good recent example is in the world of poker. Many people opposed, and still oppose, the inclusion of poker on sporting channels such as TSN and ESPN. However, the de facto inclusion of this card game in the line up of these sports channels does seem to indicate that on some level there is an element of sport involved.

Defining this element probably helps when it comes to determining what a sport really is. We are going to say that it is not the physical activity that makes one activity a sport and another not; perhaps it is the feeling of competition that must exist. In other words, any activity labelled as a sport must have some natural element of competition or use the skills that in the past have been necessary to our survival. For example, let's say you know someone with a pool table in the basement of their home. Playing that would be a sport.

Of course, that tends to leave an opening for some activities that most would agree or not sports. Like poker, most board and card games will include an element of competition and strategy, yet these do not tend to be labelled as sports and most would scoff at the notion. So, perhaps the true nature of a sport lies in the way an activity appeals to a wide range of people.

The appeal of sports is what makes this category of hobby so popular. It's important to remember while reading the articles in this section that sports as a hobby do not just include the participants, but the spectators as well; sports watching is considered by many to be their hobby.

Whether you are talking football in South America or hockey in Canada, most people will agree that the spirit of competition involved in sport tends to be one of the engaging factors for participants and observers alike. Combined with the skill on display at any sporting event, competition can get millions of people worked up to a fever pitch (perhaps one of the reasons why athletes are paid so much). There are still some fuzzy lines when it comes to these activities. Is playing catch in the backyard a sport or game? There is no competition but it is associated to a well-known sport.

The competition factor also tends to be a major draw for people who participate in sports as their hobby. Odds are that if you are going to participate in a sport enough to call it a hobby, you are going to have some kind of stake in the outcome of the event. From competition against other individuals (such as that found in team sports) to that against ones' self (such as when a person trains for a marathon), the feeling of victory is an incredible draw for athletes.

People who participate in most sports as a hobby also have the advantage of regularly pursuing an activity that can help keep them healthier, and keep their bodies in good working order for longer, than people who do not. Maybe you live in e and use hiking as a way to get out of the city on weekends. Different sports can also help to enhance individual characteristics. Team sports can really help people function as a unit and to develop leadership skills; sports such as baseball and hockey also involve an element of strategy, which means that not only the body, but also the mind, is critical to victory. They can even lead to other hobbies. Maybe you're into sailing and turn that into making your own boat, complete with sailboat keel.

Whether you enjoy watching or participating in sports as a hobby, there are lots of advantages. We are sure you will find the articles in this section of interest, no matter what sport you watch or pursue.

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