Watching Sports

Either you're a sports fan or you're not. There isn't really any room for indecisiveness when it comes to sports. If someone asks you if you're a sports fan, the answer comes out of your mouth fairly quick, and it's either yes or no. Maybe isn't an option. Sure, you can be a fan of, say, hockey, and not be a basketball fan. That's okay. Everyone has their favourite sport that they watch and team that they root for. Just like being a fan, when it comes to watching sports, there are really only two options. You can either watch the game live at whatever sporting arena your favourite sport takes place in, or you can watch it on television or some other audio-visual device, usually in the comfort of your own home, whether its real estate or somewhere else entirely.

When it comes to watching the play any of their divisional rivals, when you're watching the game in your home on your big flat screen televisions and surround-sound speaker systems, you get basically the same experience as any fan at the stadium. However, you get the added bonus of not having to deal with line-ups for the bathroom, overpriced beer and, most importantly, bumper-to-bumper traffic during the post-game drive home. Even though you may not be at the game live in person, you are still watching your favourite team play from the comfort of your favourite chair, with a bowl of chips in one hand, a respectably-priced soda in the other and the astute colour commentary of Chris Collinsworth giving you some of the best analysis around. These are all things you wouldn't get if you were at the stadium.

With the alarming rate that technology is advancing, it was only a matter of time before the sports world adapted to give you, the sports fan, even more opportunities to watch any game you want, whenever you want. If you own a PVR, or Personal Video Recorder, you can record any televised sporting event, live or not, and watch them later on at your convenience. If you're on the go and have a laptop with wireless capabilities, you can go to websites that stream games live. If you just want to watch some highlights of the Bulls-Celtics game you missed, you can go to iTunes and download them onto your iPhone. This also gives you the opportunity to watch the highlights during your treadmill workout, though you may want to make sure you have a sturdy case protecting your smartphone, in case you drop it in excitement when your team wins in overtime.

While you have so many available ways to watch sports, the best and most exciting way to watch any sporting event is live. Be it boxing, horse racing, NASCAR, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, women's tennis or NFL football, you will never forget your first game witnessed live. Something magical takes place at every game or event you watch. So, get out of your home and get yourself to the closest arena or stadium near you and take in the experience. Buy a giant foam finger, eat some nachos, cheer at the top of your lungs, and just get into the spirit.

Whether you're watching it live in person or at a sports pub on their humongous television set, there's nothing more exciting than watching the decisive and final 7th game in a 7 game sports series, be it baseball, basketball or hockey. Even though the Super Bowl gets all the hype as being the most watched and popular sporting event on any sports blog that you read on the internet, don't believe the hype. Super Bowls can sometimes be duds because of the mismatches and can be over before the halftime entertainment. There's just something about the finality of any game 7 that brings out an intensity that isn't usually seen in game 1. And if you're somehow offered tickets to a game 7 of a Stanley Cup finals playoff match, don't hesitate and just say yes and thank you as quickly as you can. Go ahead and drop any plans you have and rush to the arena to watch the game and enjoy one of the most exhilarating experiences you'll ever have.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024