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Some of the most popular hobbies practiced today are those that allow a person to interact with nature at some level. In this section of our site, we are going to provide articles to the hobbyist who enjoys getting outside at least a couple of times a week to enjoy their hobbies or even to begin their pool opening of the season. Therefore getting into the garden with some nursery supplies or taking a hike near their home. Let's break it down a bit first before we get really specific.


It is true that not all gardening is done outdoors, but gardening involves an aspect that most other hobbies do not, and that is the care and nurturing of living organisms. We would say that because even indoors a living organism is a part of the natural world, there is still an interaction with nature. So, if no one without a key could get you into that property with the backyard, you can still do some gardening from inside./p>

A close look at gardening reveals a creative process and a nurturing process that take place within the hobby. First of all, the creative part of the gardener is allowed to come forth as he or she plans the year's plot, whether inside or out. There are elements of decoration and appearance involved from the first planting until the life span of the garden has run its course. You can make adjustments to these plans during the season or year by year, the important thing is that the vision is up to you.

Nurturing, as far as a garden hobby goes, means that there is always something to do. You want to make sure that you have a long range plan to keep your plants healthy and productive for the duration of the life of your garden, partly to help your plot look good, but also because that is the point. It is always nice to be able to tell when you have done a good job at any task, and the health of your plants can certainly reveal that.


The other hobby category in this section is actually incredibly broad. There are dozens of different hobbies that take place in the great outdoors. Some of them require a lot of specialized equipment, some no equipment at all, and some everyday equipment that is relatively inexpensive.

Nature-based hobbies can take place on the land or under it, on the water or under it, or in the sky. These hobbies use the full range of environments that Earth is home to in varying degrees.

Those degrees can be the determining factor, as to which outdoor hobbies you are drawn to. Some outdoor activities involve a lot more impact on the body, as well as a lot more risk, than others do; not every hiker will be drawn to base jumping! Location is also a factor. There are different activities one is exposed to in their home than on a trip to South Africa.

Nature-based activities can also involve different levels of competition. While some are not competitive in nature at all, others may pit a person against an animal, a person against another person, or a person against him or herself.

Whether the hobby involving nature that you pursue is specifically gardening or some other outdoor activity, one thing is guaranteed: these hobbies are good for you, as far as keeping fit. Every outdoor activity involves an amount of physical activity that burns calories and builds muscles, including gardening. In short, these hobbies are great for the body, mind, and soul! Start by checking our this list of amazing things to do in your own backyard.

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